September Goals

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How do you feel about goal setting? Do you love it or loathe it? I’m on the fence. The process of setting goals causes me all sorts of anxiety and the over thinker in me can spend hours figuring out the perfect goal. But on the other hand, I love having something to look back at after a few months and measure my progress against.

Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is just whizzing by, and I’m not really sure if I’m accomplishing anything. I don’t have anything to benchmark my achievements against at the end of the month (I’m a little bit A type) so I feel totally unaccomplished – even though I’m always working! This month I’m going to try to set some 30 day goals. My natural instinct is to make a huge list of goals, but I’m going to restrict myself to 6 goals – 2 per category. My categories are work, home, and personal.




(Side Note – At work we have business development targets, social media growth goals for our clients and so many other numbers to look at as a company/team, these are more of my personal work goals. Hope that makes sense)

Set up a delegation system. My past attempts at delegating more often have always failed, and I think it’s because I haven’t thought it through and created a system. Assigning, tracking, and closing off on tasks needs to happen smoothly, so I need to work out some sort of process … my A-type brain is getting strangely excited about this.

Manage workload & commitments better. This basically means, sometimes I have to say no. We are an insanely efficient team at my work, and we word hard. As a result, we always over commit. The thing is, when you are a growing business it’s hard to turn down work sometimes, but on the other hand, if someone really wants to work with you, they can extend the deadline of their project by a week or two.

pink chai living


Clean my house. My house is out of control messy right now, which makes it really hard for me to rest. It’s not dirty, but rather messy and somewhat cluttered. Things are out of place and piling up, which is not giving me homely vibes. My plan is to try to organize for 30 minutes every day this month. If I follow through, it will be 15 solid hours of household management.

Cook dinner 3 times a week. I don’t even want to tell you what the dinner situation has been like at home this summer. When I cook dinner at home that means, I get home at a decent time, the kids hang out with me in the kitchen, and we eat healthier meals. So obviously, I need to shift things around and prioritize this.


Reduce my wheat intake. My gut has been very unhappy with me lately, and that is showing up through painful skin issues. The best way for me to get my digestive system and gut in a good place is to lay off dairy and wheat. I don’t eat much dairy, but I eat way too much wheat. Time to get that in control.

Write 3 blog posts a week. I love writing, and the blog is my fun creative outlet. Sadly, I’ve let it slide this year and I miss it! I’d like to get back into the rhythm of writing regularly. This is probably going to be the hardest one to do!


What about you, what are your goals for the fall? What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Share in the comments below.


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