Summer Closet Remix: Day 1 (#moms30for30)

Even though I don’t blog about fashion and what I wear anymore, I still try to get dressed every day. Whenever I spend the day in my pj’s or don’t take 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning I feel sluggish all day, it’s not good for my productivity, and it’s the wrong message to send to my kids.

Summer Closet Remix, Moms 30 for 30 challenge, Pink Chai Living{The quote on my shirt translates to – I am my favourite!}

When mom’s constantly put ourselves last it reinforces that message to our kids. I want my kids to remember me as a mom that balanced her family, career, and personal interests without losing herself. I want them to know that I respect myself enough not to always put myself at the bottom of the list. It might not seem like choosing jeans and a cute t-shirt over yoga pants makes that big of a difference, but it does to me, that’s why I’m participating in the Moms 30 for 30 challenge again. 

I’ve let myself slide into a little rut where I’ve been living in leggings and tunics or jeans and sloppy t-shirts lately and I think it’s time to shake things up. So I’ve teamed up with 4 awesome ladies; Jenny from Ruminating Mom, Jamie from Styling the Inside, Shawna from Simple on Purpose, and Sarah from Sarah on Purpose to participate in a 30 day closet remix. Basically we’ve all chosen 30 items of clothing from our closet and will be remixing those same 30 pieces into 30 outfits for the month of July. 

moms 30 for 30 closet remix, pink chai living

{Tee: Delhi Haat Market – India, Jeans: Joe Fresh, Sandals: Aldo

Today is day one of the challenge and I’m sharing a super easy outfit anyone can pull together. Skinny jeans (or whatever jeans you think are the most flattering for your shape), a cute tee shirt, and embellished sandals. Just by adding a slightly tailored shirt and cute shoes you can completely make over a basic pair of jeans. 

My goal with this round of the Moms 30 for 30 Summer Closet Remix is to figure out ways to make my every day wardrobe feel a little more special and dressed up. I’d also like to get some more use out of my awesome accessory collection.

A couple of things I have to spill though …  I haven’t had a chance to photograph all my items yet, I will do that on the weekend promise! I also started my challenge two days ago so I would be ahead by a day. There are two days this month I have to attend family events and will be wearing Indian all day so I’m creating a buffer. And, I just happened to be hanging out with my awesome photographer friend Aziz the other day and he snapped these pics for me, not all of my 30 for 30 pics will look this good (sorry), and you don’t need a professional photographer to participate!moms 30 for 30, summer closet remix

I’d love for you to check out some of my friends that are joining in on the challenge and show them some love too. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram where I’ll be showing off all 30 of my outfits.

Jenny: RUMINATING MOMMY Instagram,Twitter

Jamie: STYLING THE INSIDE, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Sarah: SARAH ON PURPOSE Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Shawna: SIMPLE ON PURPOSE Twitter, Instagram, Facebook



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  1. salmadinani
    July 2, 2015 / 11:26 am

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits. Love this one on you!

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