Taking a Break for Family Day

This weekend is Family Day in BC, which means an extra day off, and an opportunity to reconnect with family. I’m so excited to be heading up to Harrison Hot Springs for two nights to take in their first ever Family Day Carnival! Two whole days of cuddle time with the kids, eating, sleeping, and relaxing – what more can a girl ask for?


Harrison Hot Springs is about 90 minutes from where I live (and we used to live only 30 minutes away), but we’ve never visited as a family. There are naturally occurring hot springs, a beach, great food, and a wonderful nature setting; it’s crazy that we haven’t been! I often tell people that there is no place in the world like the West Coast of Canada, and we have the most beautiful backyard with nature, water and adventure calling our name, yet I’m guilty of never really taking advantage of it.

Isn’t it strange; we don’t appreciate what’s close and easily accessible, yet we long for holidays abroad and exotic vacations. That’s something I’d like to focus on changing this year. One of my big goals for 2014 was to add more adventure and family experiences to our daily lives – this is a great way to get things started!

Since I’m scrambling around getting all of the kids stuff and my stuff packed, trying to finish off a bunch of work, and clean my house (there is nothing worse than coming home to a messy house after a weekend away), I don’t have an outfit photo today. However, since I’ve chosen to live my life with ease these days, it’s all good – we’ll have plenty of pics next week.

I’ve packed up a few casual pieces from my 30 for 30 picks, and also added a special piece for dinner at the Copper Room – some how, this is one of the most exciting parts of the weekend for me. After far too many visits to kid friendly restaurants with average fare, this will be a fun treat; getting dressed up for dinner.

If you are interested in following along I’ll be sharing pics on Instagram and Twitter. I will be back tomorrow with a round-up of my #moms30for30 looks, as well as sharing some of my favourites from the other mamas participating. Enjoy your weekend.



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  1. February 10, 2014 / 10:43 am

    Have a nice Family Day!
    Ours is next Monday, and I am still not sure exactly what we will do. My hubby actually took the day off because he doesn’t get Stat days off of course — so we will have to do something special. Problem I find is things are always Crazy Busy!

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