Throwback to Harrison


Remember how we went to Harrison Hot Springs for the weekend just a few weeks ago? Honestly, it feels like forever ago already. This month has been equally busy and exciting – I can’t really complain because things are really picking up for my business, but I’m feeling it in my bones. That’s where tired gets me, in my bones.


I probably won’t get to posting an outfit pic today, but I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments behind the lens from our excursions at Harrison. We visited Farmhouse Cheeses, and Canadian Hazelnut. Yes, I went to a farm with animals, and one with hazelnuts on the same day – it was different!


Living in BC we sometimes overlook all the natural beauty here, but seriously, we are blessed to have views like this so close to our home. That is Mount Ranier peeking through the Hazelnut trees there.

harrison-22This is me doing my posing thing in the Hazelnut forest. Seriously they have thousands of trees! Also, kind of embarrassed to say; it might have been my first time actually seeing a fresh Hazelnut in person. While I’m sure I’ve seen them at the grocery store, I’ve never really paid attention to them.harrison-23

There was a rather shocking amount of goat portraits on my SIM card, I was really excited to take pictures of them (and apparently I don’t get out much). This guy was my fave – we really connected.


After visiting with the goats, Clydesdales and  other animals we also ate cheese, lots of yummy cheese. I was so engrossed in the taste testing part, I forgot to take pics, sorry.

If you live in the Lower Mainland or will be visiting soon, definitely add Aggasiz/Harrison to your must visit list. If you have kids they will love checking out Farmhouse Cheeses and Canadian Hazelnut Farms, I know the kid in me did!




  1. February 28, 2014 / 7:31 pm

    I love hazelnuts!! Oh my gosh, I’d be stuffing my face from those trees.
    Nutella is a grocery staple in this house.

    and then cheese too?
    if they serve wine, I’d never leave. 🙂

    that goat is pretty cute.

  2. March 4, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    I’m glad that there were a bunch of goat pictures on your SIM card. I love, love, love goats. Not sure why, just do. Your pink hat is so pretty.

  3. April 11, 2014 / 5:54 am

    These are really amazing scenes and can be enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing here.

  4. April 12, 2014 / 10:23 am

    This sounds magical!! Loved your way of writing. Thanks for sharing.

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