Tried and True

signature styleEveryone needs a go-to outfit; something that works every time without fail. My go-to outfit always includes a comfy pair of pants, tee shirt or button down, and scarf. Those three elements can always be pulled together in a way that feels comfortable, and looks decent, in my opinion. That’s why I’ve got a pretty robust collection of tee shirts and scarves.

I used to think it was boring to have a signature look like this, and constantly pushed myself to buy new silhouettes, random coloured items, and even some really loud prints. Ironically, when I went that route my closet was a nightmare, and I never had anything to wear. Now I know what works for me and have no problem owning multiples of the same type of items.

cardigans{I also wear cardigans a lot!}

Here are a few other items that I keep in my closet as go-to’s, maybe it will inspire to you to build a ‘stock’ wardrobe to work with?

? Tees & Scarves – I like to stock up on tees when they go on sale at GAP, and tend to go for those with a stripe, because they pair well with printed scarves. Almost my entire scarf collection is from Bluenotes & Ardene Accessories. If you wait for the sales you can buy three of them for $10.

? Quirky Prints – If you are new to prints start with polka dots and stripes. A simple outfit like jeans and a tee looks polished if you wear a printed tee. I also like hearts, moustaches, and anchors, and paisley – they all seem to have an ‘evergreen’ quality.

? Long Necklaces – I know the statement necklace is very popular, but long nekclaces with a pendant seem to work better in my everyday life which involves a lot of jeans and tee shirt kind of looks.

? Fun Flats – As you’ve probably noticed from my pics, I consider leopard a neutral and think everyone needs a pair of leopard flats. I also like sparkles, and bold colours. A few inexpensive flats can really add some fun to your everyday outfits.

Also, if you are looking for outfit inspiration don’t forget to check out the #moms30for30 hashtag on Instagram, seriously so many great remixers!



  1. February 20, 2014 / 7:55 pm

    I also have a go to denim jacket. Looks very similar to yours. Got mine in the kid’s department of Old Navy. I wear it constantly. My go to outfit in general is a black turtleneck and jeans or a mini skirt and tights. And leopard flats!! Great minds…

  2. February 21, 2014 / 12:39 pm

    I love the idea of a signature outfit, or “look”.
    Something that you always feel comfortable in and looks great on you too. Which I am going to assume means you will exude confidence.

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