Turmeric Milk – The Ultimate Indian Home Remedy

If you’ve ever watched an Indian television serial (soap opera) or old Bollywood film you’ll agree that haldi dhood/turmeric milk is the ultimate Indian home remedy. Regardless of the ailment, the solution is always a glass of turmeric milk. Now they might be taking it a little extreme in the movies by trying to fix a gunshot wound with turmeric, but this golden spice definitely has some magical healing properties, and can be used to fight off colds and the dreaded “back to school flu”.

turmeric milk

Every September it happens; the kids go back to school and I get the flu, my solution a daily dose of turmeric milk for the kids. Now I’m going to be honest, they don’t love it, but they tolerate it (it’s an acquired taste). I can’t drink turmeric milk because I’m allergic to turmeric (so random). I do eat small doses in my cooking, but a large dose causes me major skin irritation. Turmeric has a rich earthy flavour that most adults enjoy, but it’s definitely not spicy so your kids should be able to handle it. 


How to Make Turmeric Milk:

The process for making turmeric milk is simple; warm up a cup of milk, add one teaspoon of turmeric and mix well. That’s it! If you like you can try adding some other flavours like cinnamon and cardammom, or even fresh grated ginger for an extra kick of flu fighting power. 

If you aren’t familiar with turmeric and aren’t using it in your cooking you are missing out on some major health benefits. This golden spice is antibacterial, it’s high in antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds and iron. It’s been used as a “healing spice” in Ayurveda for centuries to cure sore throats, cold and flu bugs, skin abrasions and wounds. It’s definitely a spice you’ll want to add to your pantry.

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Turmeric is easy to use in Indian cooking, but you can also mix it into soups & stews, pasta sauce, smoothies, or sprinkle it over rice to get some of it’s amazing health benefits. I’m a big believer that you can use your spice cabinet as a medicine cabinet and like to try natural remedies before turning to drugs, do you use spices for their healing properties?

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Photos by: Aziz Dhamani


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