Updated Home Office

As mentioned earlier this week, we are currently living in a  two bedroom rental and my office is located at the foot of our bed. Until a few days ago it looked like this:

(If you are a feng shui expert or neat freak you should probably close your eyes for this part)

You can imagine how completely uninspiring this set up was, especially when working 10-12 hour days. So with a limited budget, (and time) I decided to spruce up the wall that I make eyes at all day long.

Before revealing the after pic I just want to say; taking these photos has made me painfully aware of the fact that I need a better camera…


The clipboard wall:

These were boring brown clipboards that I picked up from the local dollar store, added a gold border and attached scrapbook paper with Modge Podge.  The whole project cost under $10  because all I had to buy was the clipboards, if I bought the scrapbook paper it would’ve added a few dollars to the total.

With notes, pictures, inspiration etc….

Next project; DIY wall art for above my reading chair. I saw the perfect piece last week a beautiful turquoise canvas with the traditional “Keep Calm and Carry On” graphic, but it was a little overpriced for me. I’m sure I can come up with something equally eye-catching on a budget.