Why You Should Wear Colour

Black is considered a very fashionable and flattering colour by many people. I’ve often heard people saying things like; you can never go wrong with black, or when in doubt wear black. Try as I might, I just can’t agree with these statements. Whenever I’ve done ‘the right thing’ and bought a little black dress and that is supposed to be appropriate for any occasion when accesorized correctly, it’s lived at the back of my closet for months before I’ve donated it or passed it along to a friend. Thankfully, I’ve now outgrown my desire to love black like most women, and would gladly choose a LPD (little pink dress) any day. 

pink shift dress

{My favourite pink dress … I might have a few to choose from!}

I was really intrigued when I hear Atta, a yoga teacher at Om Prem Yoga in West Vancouver speak last week, and he mirrored my sentiment by saying that you aren’t supposed to wear black clothes while doing yoga. I was so interested in this concept that I’ve started reading about colour therapy, and it appears that some people might actually be dressing themselves into depression.

May 15 3{Rocking a yellow tank above & pink and mint combo below – a few summers ago}

mint pants one

One article I read said “Bright happy colours open your heart feeding and calming your nervous system. We require a variety of colours in our wardrobe just like we require variety in our daily foods.” It even says that dark colours feed your ego and dark spaces in your heart, whereas bright colours lift your mood. Makes total sense to me!

Yoga was invented in India, and many people still practice Ayurvedic medicine there, and if you look around at any Indian event you’ll see very few people wearing black (it’s considered inauspicious by many people), so I’m kind of surprised most yoga clothes are black. 

_MG_5899{Bright & happy girl!}

Whether you believe that adding colour to your wardrobe can make you happier and lift your mood or not, it can definitely make it more fun to get dressed in the morning! I can’t imagine opening my closet to a see of black everyday, how depressing.

What do you think, does the colour you wear affect your mood?



  1. July 10, 2014 / 8:43 am

    I agree! I almost never wear black— I prefer a splash of colour- I think it goes well with my brown skin but in a pinch, I’ll even do navy or gray instead of black!

    Love the yellow especially on you



  2. July 11, 2014 / 12:48 pm

    I am all about color – love your combos!

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