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the weekly edit: pink chai living
It’s feeling like summer here in Surrey and I could not be happier! As much as I’ve learned to take rainy days in stride as a West Coast Girl, sunny days are my favourite. I’ve also always loved the feeling of renewal and change that comes with new seasons – clear out your closet for spring, pull out the BBQ and patio plates for summer, I love seasonal rituals.  

Are you are seasonal person? How do you feel about summer – please don’t say that it’s too hot, I want to be your friend 🙂

This week I have a pretty full list of things to do, eat, and watch – are you ready for it? Let’s do this! #Summer2018 is gong to be the greatest! {Apparently the onset of summer causes me to behave like a 12 year old too}

The Weekly Edit: June 18, 2018


It’s the time of year when all the local festivals and outdoor events are starting to pop up, and I want to make sure that we attend as many as we can with the kids this year. Over the weekend we went to the Surrey Greek Festival and they loved it.

This week I’m planning on working on our family SUMMER BUCKET LIST, and I’ll definitely add a lot outdoor festivals and events.


pink chai living

I have decided that the official food & drink of Summer 2018 is JALAPENO MARGARITAS and NACHOS. This is the perfect combination for lazy evenings on the patio and I plan to have plenty of both all season.

My current local favourites for Jalapeno Magaritas are at Tacofino in Vancouver, or Cactus Club. The first is kind of tart and a bit more authentic, but the later has the most amazing spiced rim – it really makes the drink .

For nachos, my go-to spots are Tacofino again (their nachos are the stuff of dreams, like the best ever), and Craft Beer Market.

I’m planning to try and recreate the happy hour feels at home by trying this recipe for a spicy jalepeno margarita by Well Plated.


So I watched LUST STORIES on Netflix the other night. It’s not PG, and definitely not something to watch with the kids. It didn’t really hit the spot with me, but if you want to see how Bollywood is approaching conversations about sex in 2018, it’s worth a watch.

The movie I’m dying to see is OCEAN’S 8! Have you seen it yet? What do you think? I also started CHAMPIONS with Mindy Kaling, and I really wanted to love it … but I’m on episode 3 and just can’t get into. Please tell me it get’s better. #teammindy


Just started reading THE SUPERWOMAN RX by Tasneem Bhatia and I can’t put it down! It’s all about figuring out your specific health and wellness needs based on your personal blueprint – not generalizations. I love that the author (a doctor) takes an integrated approach to health and blends the best of Eastern and Western knowledge. Mostly though, it’s amazing to read something written from a female perspective – she really gets the stress that women feel in their everyday life. I’ll probably do a full review for you guys.


One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to recently featured Janelle Hanchett talking about the CULTURAL NARRATIVES AROUND MOTHERHOOD on the Unmistakable Creative. There were parts that I disagreed with, but there were some statements she made about what it means to be a mother and whether it should ‘fulfill’ us as humans and I really had to stop and think about them. There were some points in the conversation where I felt uncomfortable because I was agreeing with her. A really thoughtful discussion, definitely worth a listen.

Also, ISHQ DI BAAJIYAN from Soorma is on repeat today. I am so excited for this movie, I think Diljit is going to kill it.


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