Black & White Fashion Inspiration

dec 03 collage{Some serious layering going on in this look from 2012}

I’ve been struggling a little lately when pulling outfits together in the morning, and resorting to jeans and a tee or sweatshirt most of the time. In an effort to pull myself out of my ‘slump’ I decided to go through some of my old photos from the outfit blogging days. {Side note:  I have a A LOT of pictures of myself!}

It occurred to me while checking myself out that some of you might be looking for a little inspiration, so I thought I’d share! I totally forgot how much I love pairing black and white polka dots with black and white stripes until I saw these pics. I don’t have this shirt anymore, but I’m going to go look for something similar this weekend.
dec 03 repeatIMG_6394 as Smart Object-1 copyI wore this black and white shirt with jeans and formal skirts and pants. It really was a workhorse in my closet, I can’t believe I purged it and never replaced it. Lesson learned!sept 7 collageHope you all liked this blast from the past! If you’d like to see more round-ups with outfit photos let me know! I don’t really have time to take new photos regularly, but I can dig up some from the archives and try to round up trends and create some more inspiration posts.



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