Diya Shaped Chai Spice Sugar Cookies

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutterWhat could be more Diwali than diya cookies? Maybe diya shaped chai spice sugar cookies! (That’s kind of a mouthful I know.)

[Diya cookies are the first in our Diwali Cookie Box series. To see the full box, and for other recipes, check out this post!]

diya cookie, diya cookie cutter, diwali cookie box, diwali gift box

Every Diwali we make these cookies, and the first question is always, where did you get that cookie cutter? I got this diya shaped cookie cutter from a company called TwoDotts about five years ago now, and it’s held up so well! There are several other versions on the market now, but I know TwoDotts was the original, and the company is founded by a mom that really put a lot into getting this idea off the ground. If you decide to buy a diya cookie cutter, I hope you’ll support them!

The other option if you can’t get your hands on this cookie cutter is to make your own, or use a combination of a circle and tear drop shape to create a diya effect. 

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutter

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutter

For our Diwali Cookie Box Zara and I updated our go-to sugar cookie recipe from Cooking with Karli with a little chai flavour. Read on to learn about our chai spice hack, but if you would rather grind your own masala powder, that would work beautifully too!

These diya cookies are hands down my favourite treat to give out at Diwali. In the past we’ve even made the cookies and let the kids at our Diwali party decorate their own. It’s always an activity they are interested in.



Ingredients: (makes approximately 12-14 diya shaped cookies)

1 cup butter
1 cup  granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 pouch instant chai powder (I used Masala Chai by Tea India)

You can follow the step by step instructions for the making the dough, rolling, and cooking on Karli’s site.

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutter

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutter


For the icing, I used a classic royal icing recipe from Wilton. The idea of using egg whites wasn’t that appealing to me, so I used meringue powder. To be perfectly honest, this was only my second time making/decorating with royal icing, so I kind of had no idea what I was doing!

What really makes these cookies pop for me is the colour palette. It was actually the starting point for everything else in the Diwali Cookie Box. Instead of going with a traditional red, yellow, and green mix for Diwali, I took inspiration from Easter colours and created a pink, purple, and light green combo that came out so beautiful. This just confirms for me that there is no right or perfect way to “do Diwali”. Put your own spin and touch on your baking, decor, and DIY projects this festive season!

diya cookies, diya shaped cookie, diya cookie cutter

If you make Diwali Cookies, I’d love for you to share them with me! You can tag me in your posts on Instagram (@pinkchai), or use the hashtag #DiwaliCookieBox and I’ll find them 🙂 

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